Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funny facts about Hugh Laurie

Probably you know a lot of things about Hugh Laurie, and about the serial dr House. But Im sure you do not know everything. Here are some interesting facts about him, thanks to

1. Laurie's father was the real doctor in the house.

2. Laurie's American accent was so convincing at his audition, the producers didn't know he was British.

3. The actor beat out the likes of Dennis Leary, Rob Morrow and Patrick Dempsey (who went on to play a McDreamier doctor in "Grey's Anatomy") for the role of Dr. Gregory House.
4. Like his musically inclined alter ego, Laurie plays guitar piano, drums, harmonica and the sax!
5. The sneakers you see Dr. House wear every week? Laurie's idea. The wardrobe department keeps 37 pairs of Nikes on hand.

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