Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House M. D. season 8 episode list

It is probably the best season of House M. D.  If you are looking for subtitles for the episodes, just watch the following post.

House M. D. season 8 episode list:

- s08e01: Twenty vicodin 
- s08e02: Transplant
- s08e03: Charity case 
- s08e04: Risky business
- s08e05: The confession 
- s08e06: Parents
- s08e07: Dead and buried
- s08e08: Perils of paranoia 
- s08e09: Better half
- s08e10: Runaways 
- s08e11: Nobody's fault
- s08e12: Chase 
- s08e13: Man of the house
- s08e14: Love is blind 
- s08e15: Blowing the whistle
- s08e16: Gut check 
- s08e17: We need the eggs 
- s08e18: Body and soul 
- s08e19: The C world 
- s08e20: 
- s08e21: